Q   Do you charge to scrap my car?

A   There is no charge to the registered owner providing :

  • The vehicle does not contain rubbish or waste.
  • The vehicle is not missing its essential component parts such as engine, coachwork, transmission, wheels and catalytic converter.

Q   When can I bring my car in?

A   Any day Monday to Friday 09.00 hrs – 17.00 hrs, Saturday 09:00 - 12:30 or outside those hours by appointment only.

Q   How can I get my car to you?

A   If it is driving you can take it here, otherwise we will collect it for a small fee.

Q   What do I need to bring with me?

A   We require the following :

  • Your registration documents (log book) for the vehicle.
  • documentary evidence of your name, address & nationality – your driving licence is acceptable.

Q   Do you provide a receipt?

A   We issue a Destruction Certificate for the vehicle giving you one copy and we also send a copy to the Licensing Authority (Motor Tax Office).

Q   What happens to my car?

A   Your car is de-polluted in our facility by the removal of, the battery, all oils, coolants, petrol/diesel and tyres in accordance with the conditions of our permit. It is then crushed and the steel will be re-cycled in course.

Q   Do you take cars that are registered in another country?

A   Yes.  The same conditions apply generally.  In the case of cars registered in a Member State of theEuropean Union, the registered owner must :

  • Send the Registration Document and                                                         
  • A copy of the Destruction Certificate to the relevant authority in the Country in which the car is registered.